My Services Include:

Breastfeeding Consultations (including home visits)

Well-Baby Checks

BilliBed Photo-Therapy Rental

Breast Pump Hire and Agent

Selling BabyWombWorld Products

Instructing Developmental Baby Massage

Well-Baby Private Services

Sr Annatjie provides well-baby services

  • Full physical examMilestone and development checks
  • Growth monitoring
  • Feeding guidance
  • Stimulation homework
  • Breastfeeding consultations (including home and hospital visits)
  • Home photo-therapy (billibeds to hire)

Join us for specialized Infant Developmental Massage Classes, over a 4 week period. Suitable for babies from 8 weeks to 5 months. Great for mom, dad, grandparents and caregivers.

Products and Service

Baby Womb World

Baby Massage

Stimulation homework

Full physical exam

Skin to Skin

Families are encouraged to practice Skin-to-Skin immediately after birth allowing the baby to pass through the nine instinctive stages. Babies and moms and dads should do skin to skin for 24/7 as much as possible for the first 3 – 4 months of life.

“Touch is a babies first language, loving your baby is the most important thing you can do.”